Taking a Sentiment-al Journey

Okay… I admit it… I voted to remain in the Referendum, and I was shocked at the outcome.  Shocked because I genuinely expected Remain to squeeze home by two to five percentage points.

And that brought something else to mind… “Damn it!  Why hadn’t I used a Sentiment Analysis Engine like the ones we create at work.”

Imagine if I could have sucked in all the social online sentiment surrounding the Referendum vote, analysed it and then provided a simple gauge from each town, city, region, and country that could tell me the likelihood of Remain or Leave?  

How powerful would that have been to those involved?

What would that have been worth to those businesses making decisions based on the outcome? 

Now imagine if I could do the same for any subject online that was being talked about socially… any celebrity… any commodity… any business… any brand.

And what if I committed to monitoring that sentiment over a period of time? What opportunities could I exploit by listening carefully to my customers thoughts of my products and services? What major or minor changes could I make that would take my business on a journey? 

The world of tomorrow? No… that’s the world that is on our very doorstep today… a Sentiment-al journey to constant improvement.

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