Creating economic opportunities and jobs in the region

Newcastle is rapidly developing into the new capital of data science and innovation, with Hippo Marketing at the very forefront.

It’s no secret that the North East of England is one of the fastest-growing locations for digital technology. This was reinforced by the announcement of plans to build the new £30 million National Innovation Centre for Data in Newcastle.

£15 million in funding will be provided by the government, underlining the commitment to its digital agenda. The Home Office is already using analytics to shape policy in areas of business, social services and even counter-terrorism.

This is clear evidence of the growing social and economic value being placed on the kind of high quality data intelligence that has become Hippo’s trademark.

Working closely with The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA), Hippo has recently made great strides around health and social care relating to alcohol harm.

Improving Public Service through Data Analytics

NESTA’s goal is to improve public service through data analysis. Targeting prevention and early intervention wherever possible.

Hippo was commissioned to collect and consolidate data from multiple lead authorities. The team then began a process of complex algorithm analysis to identify statistical patterns to better understand alcohol harms in the region.

The unique insight gained from Hippo’s work has provided detailed, actionable intelligence. Now appropriate resources can be allocated to specific areas of need, to provide a blueprint for public service protocol moving forward. 

The addition of the National Innovation Centre for Data will only serve to boost to the region’s already active and vibrant tech start-up scene. Creating a generation of skilled researchers and helping to rebalance the economy across the UK.  The announcement was made at the Nesta innovation centre in London as it launched its Data Skills for the Future report, read more at

Read more about our Data Consolidation and Analysis project.

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