Are you working hard enough but not smart enough?

Find out how advanced business intelligence can transform your marketing ROI in a matter of months…

In a business environment where time, opportunity and budgets are tight, it is no longer enough to merely speculate on marketing strategy.

Forward-thinking companies are now taking a much more sophisticated approach. Collecting as much information about their clients as possible and then using the very latest technology to extract key data to plot and predict customer behaviour.

These days, smart business simply can’t afford to invest in data solutions that don’t work.

You’re already sitting on all the customer data you need…

The chances are, your company has all the customer information required to deliver effective, powerful marketing messages time after time. The key is accessing and utilising this key data and making it work as hard as you do.

That’s where companies like Hippo come in.

By harnessing the very latest techniques and technology, Hippo are able to provide quick, effective - and measurable - marketing success to all business sectors.

Until recent years, this kind of insight and competitive advantage was only available to big business, with budgets to match.

But with access to the right experience and expertise, it is now easy to deliver scalable, practical solutions at a fraction of the price.

Cloud Technology is providing a silver lining for all business sectors…

Hippo’s method of employing resources such as Microsoft Azure, Tableau (or similar) leaves the bulk of the security and administrative burden with the supplier. Allowing their technical team to concentrate on what they do best – applying specialist data skills.

By developing bespoke algorithms to integrate technology - including existing CRM systems – Hippo are able to extract and deliver key data in the most practical and efficient format.

Saving time, slashing overspend and transforming dormant client data into actionable business intelligence.

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